Pilot Lamp or Indicator Lamp

Take a look, in every electronic component on the front nearly all equipped with a component called the pilot lamp or indicator lamp. Whatever equipment such as power supply, UPS, inverters, Radio, Tape recorder, TV, etc. average and almost certainly have often called indicator light

The purpose and objective the installation of a pilot lamp or lamp indicator is to provide a sign stating that the flow of electricity from electrical/alternating current mesh nets have been entered in the electronic circuitIn addition, usability pilot lamp or lamp indicator also provides a slightly better appearance and artistic value of the equipment

Pilot lamp indicator lamp or can we meet with various types of kinds of light. forms tailored to the needs of several types of pilot lamp or the lamp indicator include the following:Fluorescent light, LED light / LED lamp, incandescent lamp, but that we often encounter is a LED lamp or LED lamp.

Similarly article pilot lamp or light indicator lamp, hopefully a little reading can be beneficial to all friends

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