Cobra 12V 120V 2500 Watt, Car and solar panel inverters

It's just review about cobra inverters 12V 120 V 2500 watt for car and can be used on solar panel. We have alot of experience with power inverters, and this inverter is just average. It does produce quite a bit of power, but we seem unable to run both of our energy efficient freezers simulatneously (about 1.7 amps draw each freezer --200watts). Also, it does not come with cables to attach it to the batteries, so expect to buy those too. Lastly, and most importantly is the noise. The inverter cooling fan starts up at even the smallest load, and it is loud. As more load is applied the cooling fan ramps up louder and louder. It is not so loud as to hurt your ears, but it is loud enough to be annoying and to heard throughout whatever room it is in, so

I recommend you buy the remote start if you choose to buy this unit. Locate it in a closet or shed so you don't have to listen to it.

We have had other inverters that cost much less, but of course only 1200 Watts of power, that had NONE of the shortcomings of this one (our old 1200 Watt model simultaneously ran both freezers, T.V. VCR, DVD player, speakers, and lights; it came with a connector cable, and its fan was quiet and only came on during high loads). The reason we purchased this one is because all the previous inverters, although quiet and efficient, eventually died, and we hoped that this one could handle the peak loads better.

Just a brief update. At this point in time the inverter is useless, the cooling fans quit working so I am hesitant to use if for fear of a fire (that happened with another inverter several years ago). To be fair, we used that inverter nearly every day at times for up to 12 hours straight. But it never did meet our expectations, and now we are looking for replacement.

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