Safety precautions on the battery

Sulfuric acid in batteries is very dangerous, can cause skin and eye irritation and burns. Sulfuric acid can also cause explosions in some cases.

When working with battery and electrolytes, and protective goggles to protect his face. Wear clothing materials to protect your face, hands and body.

In addition to the above questions, note the following precautions:

1. Always work outdoors or places that have great ventilation when working with battery.
2. Make sure that the place around you free from sources of heat or sparks, and even cigarettes. Source of fire may cause the explosion of the battery.
3. Always make sure the cap tightly closed and filling appropriate electrolytes.
Fourth. Keep away from children.
5. Always disconnect the negative cable first when the release of battery, and correlates the most recent when installing the battery.
6. Never come into contact with the battery when the charge of electricity (charge), testing, engine or electric shock.
7. Turn off the power before making connections flow.
8. Before you use a tool that can lead to electricity (conductors) to move the items that contain metal that is in the hand or arm (clocks.)

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