Car Battery Maintenance Tips

Hello all, Here are some tips for taking care of a car battery. I hope this article usefull for you. Car Battery Maintenance Tips

1. Periodically check the battery water (when you put the battery wet). When the indicator expresses a lack of water, add water immediately in accordance with the battery of measures before the machine is turned on in the morning. battery water should be maintained between the sign and low level (usually indicated on the battery). When you are added immediately below the low level, the highest level on the line. Because water is used for cooling the battery cells of the battery. When the battery is low water, the cells inside the battery can be changed shape (curve).
2. Once filled with special water battery at rest for a while ', just turn on your car.

3. Please also regularly check the battery terminals (positive and negative). Whether there is corrosion or not. Corrosion can be cleaned with hot water poured on the second terminal.

4. If you want to turn off the car, please turn off once the electrical components as external lighting, air conditioning, radio / tape, CDs, phone charger, and others.

5. If a machine will not be used over a long period, the negative terminal on the battery. Head of the battery is removed so that it wrapped in a cloth, to keep the negative terminal is not in contact with the bodywork.

6. Every three months, if you visit the shop, please check the electrical charge of the car.

Age of car batteries is usually one year. It is possible that more than a year, but depends on the care of the vehicle owner.

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