12 VDC 120 VAC 400 W Car Power Inverter

The Cobra CPI 480 is a  12 VDC 120 VAC Power Inverter that provides 400 Watts of power handling and 800 Watts of peak power. This unit comes equipped with two grounded AC receptacles and a 5-Volt USB output, allowing you to power and charge a wide variety of devices. It connects to your vehicle via a 12-Volt cigarette lighter plug or with direct-to-battery cables. In addition, this inverter keeps you and your gear safe with clean modified sine wave power, reverse polarity protection, thermal shutdown, low voltage alarm and shutdown, and an external fuse.
The power inverter works great. I used it on a 5000 mile road trip powering a PS3 and iPhone and another cell phone along the way, in addition to other small electronics. To get the most power out of the unit, you need to hard wire it directly to the battery. I mounted it under the passenger seat and ran some 8 gauge wire. Very easy installation. I looked at several inverters before purchasing this one. The usb connection was what sold me on the unit. I now have an easy way to charge my iPhone without having to buy a car charger or taking up one of the regular power outlet slots. Well worth the money. The only thing to note for Amazon is that the product listing advertises that it comes with a carry case. It does not. No problem for me because I don't really care, but it may matter to you. I believe the CPI 475 does include the case.

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