Power Inverter 400 Watt 12 Volt DC To 110 Volt AC

Just Review From Amazon : Power Inverter 400 watt 12 Volt DC to 110 Volt AC
I originally bought this item to power my laptop or any cellphones on long trips. i could have bought the 200w version or a cheaper power inverter, but i got the 400w as i always like to prepare for the unexpected, and it turns out i can watch a dvd on a nice TV in the trunk of my suv when i go BBQ.Pros: the blue aluminum outer case, provides great heat dispersion medium, it isnt too loud even with the fan on, it HAS a fan, shuts off when battery is too low, and the most important: provides alot of power for most application needes.Cons: a bit bulky, a little more expensive too but you get what you pay for.
Power Bright PW400-12 Power Inverter 400 Watt 12 Volt DC To 110 Volt ACProduct Features
* 400 watts continuous power
* 800 watts peak power
* Anodized aluminum case provides durability
* Built-in Cooling Fan
* Cigarette lighter plug

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