Coleman 2000 Watt Power Inverter - 4000 Watt Peak Power PMP2000

httpColeman 2000 Watt Power Inverter - 4000 Watt Peak Power PMP2000. New Coleman Power Inverters let you bring modern convenience anywhere you go. Got an AC appliance or electronic you can't live without? Take it with! Coleman Power Inverters are the small, compact and reliable way to turn 12-volt DC power into the juice that runs all your AC conveniences.

Coleman 2000 Watt Power Inverter - 4000 Watt Peak Power PMP2000Review
I don't know why people expect to use jumper cables with this device, they're probably expecting something you can plug into your cigarette lighter. This is a much too powerful inverter for that. And like any tool, you have to use it correctly for it to do what it's supposed to.I have one of these installed in my work truck and it can run everything from charging my cordless tool between job sites to my table saw and air compressor! This has saved my bacon more than once when I have had to do some "serious work" and either the client's home/worksite has no power or there's an electrician working and the power has been disconnected. Nothing like being able to save the situation no matter what, and get the job done TODAY! (Not to mention saving the time and GAS it would take for another trip tomorrow!) These inverters bring the power where you need it!I live in South Florida, and I've even used this to keep my saltwater aquarium running during hurricane power outages. It's capable of running a batteriesmicrowave oven, small fridge, TV, PC, Radio, etc. This would also be great for RVs, Condos or nighttime use where you want *quiet* power in an emergency!(Please note: I try to be an honest and open reviewer of items I've bought or used that are featured on Amazon. To that end, I want people to know I believe in this product (heck, I LOVE this product!) and have begun selling these inverters here on Amazon. Everything I've said in my review above is true and I stand behind it. However, I felt you should know in case that should affect your buying decision. Thanks.)

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