Xantrex 175-Watt Micro Inverter

The Xantrex Technologies XPower Micro 175-watt inverter transforms your vehicle's electricity so you can power your electronic devices while on the road. Compact and lightweight, it simply plugs into the 12-volt DC outlet in your vehicle to power cell phones, camcorders, small portable stereos, laptop computers, 13-inch TVs, portable work lights, and more. It includes an automatic shutdown feature to protect against overload, over-heating, and high/low battery condition. This durable plastic unit is just 1.9-by-2.9-by-4.8 inches in size and weighs 0.38 pounds. It is covered by a 1-year warranty.
Technical Details
* 175-watt inverter for converting DC to AC power
* Power electronic gear and appliances while on the road
* Conveniently plugs into car cigarette lighter
* Auto-shutdown protects against overcharge, overheating
* 1-year limited warranty

I have not tried it with a draw near its max of 175W but at lower draws it is fine and always runs cool, thanks to the built in fan. That is also the only negative I have after a month with the unit -- fan noise. It is loud enough to be noticeable over normal road noise, although the car radio drowns it out at normal volume. I think I can put up with the fan because otherwise it seems a very good unit. Maybe they could hook the fan to a sensor and only have it run when the unit gets hot. The shape is good for my pickup's dash arrangement and being all-in-one it doesn't slide around or need securing. Overall, a good unit that has done the job.

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