The best Wave of Power Inverter

Three types of wave inverter
There are three types of wave power inverters:
1. Square wave
2. Modified sine wave
3. Pure sine wave

Square wave, this wave of cheap but highly recommended for use because of its damaging electrical equipment.

Modified sine wave. The excess of the modified sine wave is the price that is convenient and commonly used for electrical equipment such as computers, laptops, and also the lack of lights, but the modified sine wave is that, if used for electrical appliances such as air conditioning , minibar, and the water pump is required 4 - 7 times the initial thrust of motor equipment and a modified sine inverter is a little 'noise when used for motor driven equipment such as air conditioning, fridge and water pump

Pure sine wave. Pure sine wave is better because these waves can be used for electrical appliances and motor does not generate a bit 'of noise. But the price is relatively expensive type of inverter for some people and therefore many who prefer the type of modified sine wave inverter because the price is relatively cheaper

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