Inverter Prolink 1000VA 600Watt

 Inverter Prolink 1000VA 600Watt
Capacity      1000VA / 600W
Input Voltage     110 /120VAC or 220 /230 /240VAC (Nominal Voltage) 
Input Voltage Range     90~145VAC/170~280VAC (Narrow Range), 50~145VAC/90~280VAC (Wide Range) 
Output Voltage     120VAC or 230Vac
Output Frequency     50Hz or 60Hz 
Output Voltage Regulation     10% / -18% (Battery Mode) 
Output Waveform     Modified Sinewave 
Transfer Time     15ms Typical, 50ms Max. 
Battery Type     Sealed Lead Acid / ACCU (Maintenance Free) 
Battery Voltage     12V (15V for Overcharge Protect) 
Battery Charge Current     10 Amp +/-1Amp 
Protection     Discharge, overcharge and overload protection 
Efficiency     >95% (AC to AC), >80% (DC to AC) 
Indicator     AC Mode, Battery Mode, Charging Mode, Overload, Fault 
Audible Noise     Less than 50dB 
Alarm     Low Battery (every 2 second), Overload (every 0.5 second), Fault (Continuously) 
Operating Temperature     0 ~ 40°C 
Operating Humadity     0 ~ 90% relative humidity (non-condensing) 
Dimension (WHD)     224(D) x 255(W) x 80(H) mm 
Weight     2.3 Kg 

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