Xantrex Power inverters 1800 Watts

Xantrex Power Inverter - 1800 Watt, Model# XM 1800

Xantrex Power Inverter - 1800 Watt

Pro Series inverters are the perfect complement to generators when shore power is unavailable. They are designed for RV and marine electrical systems that already have a battery charger or generator installed. They deliver modified sine wave power for small appliances, TVs and other electronics from a battery bank. Transfer switch detects when line, shore or generator power changes to ensure power is always available. Power Supply: 12V, Continuous Watts: 1,800, Modified Sine Wave: Yes
Product Features xantrex power inverters 1800 watt * For RVs, marine use, jobber trucks and utility vehicles that have AC electrical system, battery charger or generator installed * Delivers power for small appliances, TVs, motor loads and other electronics * Built-in transfer switch * Remote for easy monitoring and control * Has 15 Amp circuit breaker

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