800 Watt Digital Power Inverter Vector

Product Description800 Watt Digital Power Inverter Vector. Digital fault code readout with digital amps and watts display Includes clamps that connect directly to vehicle's battery Compact and portable, will run AC powered equipment anytime, anywhere Noise free technology--filtered modified sine wave. Works to eliminate the horizontal lines and static that can appear on TV sets. Short circuit protection Convenient carry handle Digital display and control Powers up to 3.5 amps

Digital display DC Volt & Watt
No load current draw 0.6 Amps
Maximum efficiency Approximately 90%
Input Voltage Range 10.5-15.5 VDC
Output Voltage 110/120 VAC 60 HZ
Under Voltage Shutdown 10.0 Volts
Wave Form Filtered Modified Sine Wave
Internal Fuse 30 Amps (Spade Type)
800 Watt Digital Power InverterProduct Features
* 800 Watts Max. Continuous Power
* 1600 Watts Surge Capacity
* Powers Up to 7.2 Amps
* Digital Fault Code Readout with Digital Amps and Watts Display
* Heavy-Duty Clamps that Connect Directly to Vehicle Battery

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