12V 120 V 100 Watt Slim Power Inverter

Specification of 12 V 120 V 100 Watt Slim Power Inverter. This ultra slim pocket size inverter plugs into your cigarette lighter or to airplane DC socket to power laptops, cell phone chargers and other small electronic devices Features 100 watts continuous power 200 watts peak power Provides 0.9 Amps Carbon Fiber Design 120 volt AC outlet Overload Indicator USB Output Port Power ON/OFF Button Cigarette lighter and Airplane plug
SpecificationsOutput Wave Form Modified SinewaveNo-load draw < 0.1 ampEfficiency Up to 90%Input voltage range 10-15.5 VDCOver voltage shutdown over 15.5 VDCUnder voltage shutdown under 10 VDCLow voltage alarm Audible at 10.6 VDCOverload shutdown YesThermal shutdown YesShort circuit shutdown YesAC receptacle One 3-ProngWarranty 2 yearInverter weight 0.25 lbsDimensions (W x H x D) 3.75 x 0.9 x 2.8 in.

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